Transfer and Travel


Venue address

Lorzensaal Cham
Dorfplatz 3
6330 Cham

Visit their page for detail information on how to get to us:

By Train / Plane

If you chose to come to us by plane, Zurich International Airport is your best pick. From here, an hourly train will bring you to the main station “Cham” in just under an hour and one change in Zug. Alternatively, there are connections in between that have you changing trains in Zurich Central Station. And there is actually a ferry going between Zug and Cham over the lake, if you’re on the lookout for an adventure!

Basel International Airport is also an option, but will take you through Luzern and a total of around 2.5 hours.

From the train station (Cham) it is just a five minute walk to the location itself.

Check the Swiss Federal Railway page for connection information.

By Car

Note: Check out our Visitor Information Page for information on tolls and traffic laws.

Cham is situated close to the A4 highway, in the middle of Zurich and Lucerne. Check out the Lorzensaal’s page for a route planner:


If you already checked out the venue’s arrival-information, you noticed the high prices for parking.

However, we are able to offer you an exit ticket for 10 CHF at the Infodesk. If you decide to be part of our carpooling, they will also give you one of the tickets for free when you are leaving with your co-travellers.

On-Site Travel

Unfortunately, the closest partner hotel is already a 20-minute-walk from the location. Fortunately though, Zug has a pretty good (and affordable) public transport system. The bus stop “Cham, Gemeindehaus” is right across the street, the train station is 5 minutes away. The last busses at night run at around 1:00, the last train leaves not too long after midnight. We’ll have the plans hanging at our Infodesk during the party, as well as setting up info slides.

The Lorzensaal and Youth Hostel are also connected by the bicycle-highway. Here you can bike back and forth with no direct traffic interference (and with winter clearing service). Some hotels may rent out bikes, and there are low-fee rental services available in the area.

So going to the...

  • ...Cham city centre: It’s a five-minute-walk. Come on.
  • ...SwissEver Hotel in Cham: bus line 43, towards “Hagendorn, Rumentikon” - 3 stops to “Cham, Lindencham”
  • ...Youth Hostel in Zug: commuter train S1, towards “Baar” - 3 stops to “Zug Schutzengel”
  • ...Andi's BnB: bus line 5, towards "Zug, Postplatz" until destination “Zentrum Zugerland”

The cost for all of them should be around 3 CHF per trip, or 6,20 CHF for a day-ticket. There are ticket machines at the train station, and you can also pay directly at the bus driver's.

If you are driving and staying in one of the hotels, please consider signing up for our carpool upon arrival at the party place to fill the gap between 1:00 and 5:00 am.