The Meteoriks Nominees 2024 (Friday)


The Meteoriks are an award show that honours the best demoscene productions of the previous year in different categories, such as Outstanding Technical Achievement, Best Soundtrack, Best Direction, New Talent, and more.

And we are excited to host the Nomination Gala live at MountainBytes this year, before the Laureates will then be presented at Revision Demoparty on Easter!

After presenting the nominees, we will indulge in an extra-long demoshow, showing you all nominated productions!

Want to get an idea what awaits you? Have a look here at the previous year's nominees!

OHP - Overhead-Projektor Compo (Saturday)


Another old tradition from Buenzli/Demodays is celebrating its return - the Overhead-Projector Compo is back! That’s right; you remember them from your classrooms from back-in-the-day, where you worked on project presentations together with your classmates, or dreaded the foils being uncovered by your teacher during exams. Now it’s time to show in a live-performance, what those machines are capable of!

  • Max duration: 6 minutes
  • You're allowed to do whatever you want, except using OHP-LCD screens (or similar techniques)
  • Take care with liquid - after your entry was shown, the OHP must be dry and ready for the next performer.
  • There will be material available at the party place for you to prepare and create an entry on site (mostly scissors, glue, some leftover overhead transparencies, pens and of course the projectors).
  • We’ll play your music choice along with your performance. Bring your soundtrack with you as an MP3 or OGG file. As we will publish a video capture of your performance, your sound track must be free of third party rights.

Still no idea what this is about? Have a look and get inspired by some of our favourite OHP releases at previous parties - and then participate! It's fun, we promise!

Live Event: CoLD SToRAGE aka Tim Wright Live on Stage!


With a long list of videogame soundtracks under his belt, such as wipEout, the Shadow of the Beast series, Lemmings and much more, Tim is honouring us with one of his rare gigs at a demoparty!

Join us to hype up Compo Night with an exclusive live concert, enjoying the soundtracks that had us as much as videogames themselves growing up!


Event for Interested Citizens (Sunday)

On Sunday, we open our doors free of charge to our neighbours in Cham and everyone in Zug, to get an idea about our work and what the demoscene is about. We are right now working on something very special for this, so make sure to stop by!

Workshop Result Screening and Prizegiving

On Sunday before departure, we get together again to watch and celebrate the productions from the demolab workshop, and share the voting results from the previous days’ compos with you!