Workshop and Demolab

Demomaking 101 - Make your first demo!

The demoscene is all about making, not just consuming. But where to even start? After last year's success, we are inviting you to join our mentors, introducing you to different tools and guiding you on your first steps to make your very first real-time scene e.g. with Processing ( ), p5.js ( ) and ( ).

We will also host roundtables again after the compos, where contestants and compo orgas can enjoy a free drink and in return answer your questions about their production!

Of course the events and compos are built around this workshop, so don’t be afraid you will miss out by joining.

On Sunday, we will have a screening of all One-Scene-demos produced during the party, celebrating them together!

Who can participate?

Whether you are completely new to the demoscene and want to know where to start, have been around a long time but never got around to build a demo yourself or are an organiser who would like to host workshops like this in the future - we are happy to have you! This workshop does not require any previous programming experience and is open to anyone from age 12 to 120.

You will require a 3-day ticket to MountainBytes to join the workshop. Participation will be limited to 15 people, and can be held in English, German and French.

If you are already experienced with the environments listed above, and perhaps even have some experience training folks, we would also love to have you as a mentor!

What do I need to bring?

You will need to bring a laptop (that shouldn't be more than 5 years old). Don’t have a sufficient machine? Get in touch with us before the event!

Join us by adding the 0-CHF-ticket (together with your regular ticket) in our shop once live!