Fewer competitions, more room for discussion

In the spirit of accessibility and fostering learning, we will host fewer competitions, and instead provide a forum to shed light on their making, inspiration, tools and makers afterwards. Bring your best game, and share your tips and tricks afterwards - or bring your first entry, and tell us what inspired you, how you selected your tool and your way to it. After every compo, we will invite all participants to a laid-back roundtable with the respective compo organiser for a drink, for people to ask questions or listen to your side.

And yes, there will still be voting, as well as prizes.

General Rules:

Remote-entries are allowed for all compos, but will disable you from taking part in the discussions afterwards (so please come!). Remote entries can be uploaded directly to the partysystem. We'll make it available about one week before the party. Only original work is allowed in our competitions, so you cannot use protected or unlicensed content. Any copyright violation charges will be passed on to the submitter of the production. All entries must be exclusively released for the first time at MountainBytes, and must be handed in before the deadline (as per timetable). By taking part in a competition, you are agreeing that we’ll spread your contribution (e.g. through scene.org or other sites). Please submit a screenshot for your release, and .zip your entry before submission.

We reserve the right to disqualify entries, make changes or cancel competitions for any reason.

Submitting Your Production

  • To submit a production for one of our competitions, you need to create an account on our partysystem https://party.mountainbytes.ch. You'll need a votekey to create an account.
  • All visitors to the party will receive a votekey upon arriving at the venue.
  • Votekeys for submitting a remote entry can be requested via our Discord https://discord.gg/h7uUpq7S or via E-Mail [email protected]. Submitting a remote entry will grant you the same voting rights as visitors.
  • Once logged in, you can upload your entry through the "Upload Entry" menue item.
  • Please note how your entry can be run and/or displayed - as well as a way to contact you - in the field "Comment for the organizers". This is especialy important for remote entries.
  • The deadline for all Music and Graphic entries will be on Friday, 20:00 CET
  • The deadline for submitting any pc or oldskool realtime productions is Saturday, 10:00 CET
  • In the case of the PC Realtime competition, we will allow editing of submitted entries (including uploading of new archives) until Saturday, 14:00 CET.
  • If not otherwise noted in the comment field, we will play the last (newest) archive you've uploaded.

PC Realtime


High-end PC demos allow for the widest range of artistic freedom, for breathtaking graphics in only a few kilobytes. Join us and sway the audience to up their game in composition, artistic expression… or of course self-limitation and the crunching of code, to wow the audience what can be done in just a few kilobytes!

  • Max length: 8 minutes incl. load time
  • Platform: PC running any current stable windows version. Contact us in advance if your entry requires a different OS / platform.
  • Maximum resolution: 1920x1080, preferably at 60 Hz.
  • The entry has to be delivered as single .zip file included all necessary runtime libraries. Any engines or libraries used will be made publicly available and thus require a license permitting to do so.
  • Expect standard DirectX / .net runtime installed, do not expect VC runtime, XBox SDK or other 3rd-party libraries installed
  • Browser entries will be shown using latest Chrome or Firefox. Do not expect plugins including Flash, Java or PDF. Entries must be able to run from local file system

Oldskool and Alternative Platforms Realtime


At its core, the love for and limitations on “oldschool” devices has always been at the heart of the demoscene. From the C64 to Amigaaaaaah, or exotic devices that people might not even have heard about - compete in this compo not just to show off your skill, but also the specialty and peculiarness that encourages you to produce demos for them, and tell us about it!

  • Max length: 8 minutes incl. load time
  • Available hardware:
    • Commodore 64 - U1541-II , Action Replay attached (No REU no 2SID demos)
    • Amiga (A500, 512kB Chip and 512 kB Slow Mem)
  • For C64 : Please state which SID chip to use (6581/8580). This information will be displayed on the info slides for your production.
  • VIC-20, Atari (ST), ZX Spectrum and other platforms: Please get in contact with us before the party, either via [email protected] or via our discord server so we can check if we can provide a suitable machine or capturing equipment. When in doubt: Bring your own device and video. :)

Combined Graphics


Whether you are into Pixelart, Hand-drawn, 4k Graphics, 3D Models… this is your place! Show off your artwork, and discuss with us afterwards the pleasures of your trade, where you get inspiration and introduce guests to the tools you use.

Entries will be shown at maximum resolution 1920x1080 pixels. Larger images will be scaled down, smaller images may be shown at double/triple size without interpolation to preserve pixel clear display

  • Include up to four working stages for non-procedural graphics
  • Preferred format for submission is PNG. In case of graphics entries for non-pc platforms and executable graphics, please also submit a version of your entry as a PNG image file (for reference)
  • Tools used must be listed for inclusion on the compo slide (including plugins that substantially contribute to the final image)
  • Any kind of AI-generated artwork or elements needs to be clearly and transparently marked for inclusion on the compo slide
  • Maximum rendering time for executable entries: 30 seconds

Combined Music


Be it Trackers, DAWs or even recorded live-music: the sky's the limit! Compose a song to be played on the Lorzensaal’s amazing sound system (usually optimised for anything from Swan’s Lake to full orchestra experiences), and afterwards use the chance to discuss styles, your approach, favourite tools and composing tricks with us!

  • Maximum playing length is: 3:30 min
  • Entries may not loop and have to end with silence
  • Executable Music: Part of the submission must be a .wav writer and instructions on how to use it; Maximum file size of the entry itself is 32768 bytes. The .wav writer and additional information do not count into this size limit; Maximum pre-calculation time (in case your player needs it) is 30 seconds.
  • SID tunes will be recorded on real hardware and played back from the wav recordings during the compo.
  • Tracked Music: Allowed file formats: .mod, .s3m, .xm, .it; Please specify which XMPlay playback settings to use for your entry.
  • Streamed Music: Allowed file formats: mp3, ogg, opus at a bitrate of 192kbps or higher; Please complete ID3 tag or OGG file info as with as much detail as possible.