Sleeping Space at the location is limited, but we can recommend the following hotels nearby. The bus connections are very good from the Lorzensaal, even at night! So you can keep your car parked in the location or at your hotel, and simply take the bus back (until about 2am):

SwissEver Hotel Zug, Cham - 10 minutes from the location by bus, 20 minutes by feet Andi's BnB, Steinhausen - 10 minutes from the location by bus, 35 minutes by feet Pit Stop Appartments - 5 minutes from the location by bus, 25 minutes by feet



How to get back at night?

Now, we understand taxis are expensive in Switzerland, we and the environment are grateful for everyone who comes to us via [public transport]({{< relref "" >}}), and Cham itself is a more suburban area, trains stop running at a bit after 1:00 am on the weekends, and only pick up at 5:00am again. We will set up a carpool list at the Infodesk, so if you arrive by car or are taking a taxi anyway in the evening, you can put yourself in the list and confirm:

  • where you are staying
  • when you plan on leaving in the evening (after which event point)
  • taxi (shared expense) or own car (free)
  • how many available seats you have

Of course we count on the fact that you don’t drink and drive, and that you follow the Swiss Traffic Regulations.
If you notice later in the day or up to the time you planned on leaving that you shouldn’t have had been drinking that last beer, please absolutely let us know and we will find another solution for anyone who signed up with you. We are sure we don’t need to express this, but drunk driving will be considered knowingly putting harm in our visitors’ way, and will result in you no longer being part of our event.

Like this, people looking for a ride back can simply check in with the Infodesk, and save some further expense and effort. In return, we will refund you the parking ticket to the location’s garage.