Considering the situation around COVID-19, the low probability of a widely-available vaccine by the time of the party, we would like to limit the amount of people sleeping in the hall as close to zero as we can get. Yours and our health is important to us, at the same time we want to ensure that everyone can be with us, no matter their personal budget.

We are really happy and grateful for the fee they are offering especially for you guys!

For this, we are very excited to present you some partnerships we were able to work out for you. Booking the hotels will actually be part of our ticket shop (to be launched after the invitation release), so you can take care of everything in one go and leave the rest to us. You will then simply receive the check-in references and a cheat-sheet with all further info along with your ticket.

If you are still struggling to find a feasible option for you, please let us know and we can try find a couch for you amongst friends in the neighbourhood.

Youth Hostel Zug

Looking for a real Swiss school winter-camp bunk-bed experience with your group while staying with us? Our partner, the Youth Hostel in Zug got you covered! The hostel is about 4km from the event location, a commuter train brings you to us in three stops, and runs about every 10 minutes by day (cost: 3,10 CHF). There is also a bicycle highway that almost directly connects both sites.


Distance to Venue: 20 minute walk or three stops (about 5 minutes) with the commuter train
Features: Youth Hostel exclusively opened for MB - simple but modern and very clean, with bunk beds, barbeque spot outside and a true Swiss “Jugi-Feel”. Special prices for kids staying with their parents. Four- and Six-Bed-Rooms share toilets and showers, the double rooms have their own bathroom.
Prices: 20 CHF/night and person in a Six-Bed-Room, 25 CHF/night and person in a four-bed-room, double-rooms for 40 CHF/night and person.
Breakfast: Not available
Parking: 7 CHF / Stay
Booking: Prepaid via Ticket Sale
Cancellation: 100% until February 5th, 2021

Beside a few 2-bed rooms, we can also offer 4-bed rooms as well as 6-bed rooms for a very low fee. If you wish to book a room as a group, we are gladly picking this up. Please note that if you are e.g. three or five people and don’t want to have an additional person joining, you will have to pay for the full room including the spare bed.

If you would like to book a bed in one of the four- or six-bed rooms, we will pair you by your gender (identity), unless you really don’t mind. For this, we will provide a selection option during the booking process. Please note that the 4- and 6-bed rooms share showers and toilets on the floor. The Youth Hostel is actually closed for the public during this time, so if you decide on a bed in one of the multi-bed rooms, you will sure be paired with fellow demosceners.

Room Type 2-bed room (6x) 4-bed room (5x) 6-bed room (3x)
Price per Person/Night 40 CHF 25 CHF 20 CHF

SwissEver Hotel***, Cham

Our friends from the SwissEver Hotel***, located 2km from our venue, gave us a special price for you - the double-rooms (single-stay as well as double-occupation) will be offered on our website for only 126 CHF/night. The hotel is still very new, and has all the Swissness you could hope for when visiting our country.


Distance to Venue: 15 minutes walk, or two stops by bus (3 minutes)
Features: closest hotel to the venue, own, very good restaurant “Swiss Chalet, quiet area
Prices: 126 CHF / Night(incl City Tax)
Breakfast: additional 20 CHF / Day
Parking: 15 CHF / Day
Booking: With Promocode on Hotel Website (Promocode can be redeemed in our ticket sale for 0,-)
Cancellation: 100% until January 27th, 2021

How to get back at night?

Now, we understand taxis are expensive in Switzerland, we and the environment are grateful for everyone who comes to us via [public transport]({{< relref "" >}}), and Cham itself is a more suburban area, trains stop running at a bit after 1:00 am on the weekends, and only pick up at 5:00am again. We will set up a carpool list at the Infodesk, so if you arrive by car or are taking a taxi anyway in the evening, you can put yourself in the list and confirm:

  • where you are staying
  • when you plan on leaving in the evening (after which event point)
  • taxi (shared expense) or own car (free)
  • how many available seats you have

Of course we count on the fact that you don’t drink and drive, and that you follow the Swiss Traffic Regulations.
If you notice later in the day or up to the time you planned on leaving that you shouldn’t have had been drinking that last beer, please absolutely let us know and we will find another solution for anyone who signed up with you. We are sure we don’t need to express this, but drunk driving will be considered knowingly putting harm in our visitors’ way, and will result in you no longer being part of our event.

Like this, people looking for a ride back can simply check in with the Infodesk, and save some further expense and effort. In return, we will refund you the parking ticket to the location’s garage.