General Rules

Please get in touch in case you have any further questions or concerns around the rules outlined in this section.

  • We want to give everyone the opportunity to participate, even if concerned for their health or actually quarantined by the time of the event. We are working hard to enable remote entries in almost all competitions. Please check the respective compo-rules for more details. Prizes and trophies may require you or a delegate to be picked up from us though, since they may exceed our ability to ship internationally.
  • MountainBytes pays copyright content fees to SUISA, the Swiss Copyright Protection Society. However, only original work is allowed in our competitions, so you cannot use protected or unlicensed content in any competition. Any fees charged for violating copyright claims will be passed on to the contestant, and entries with ripped content will be disqualified.
  • All entries must be exclusively released for the first time at MountainBytes, and must be handed in before the deadline (as per timetable).
  • By taking part in a competition, you are agreeing that we’ll spread your contribution (e.g. through or other sites).
  • We recommend to submit a screenshot for your release, both for the voting system as well as final upload and use at pouet etc.
  • Please .zip or .rar your entry before submission to make our Compo Orgas’ job easier
  • We reserve the right to:
    • make changes to the competition rules
    • disqualify entries not suitable for the selected compo for any reason (including but not limited to violations against Swiss or international law or inappropriate or offensive content)
    • cancel or merge competitions, if there are not enough entries
    • preselect entries in the unlikely event that we receive too many for a competition

The decision to disqualify or preselect an entry sits with the respective Competition Organizer and the Main Organizers, and you will be informed ahead of the competition. If this is the case, we will of course not publish the entry and you are free to release it at another party.